Remembering The Beginning,
Middle and Later Years

The magic in a family is no matter what, they stick by your side. As your children grow older, things may change but that special bond in a family never does. Whether it's just you and a partner, or a family of 2.5 children and a dog, we make sure you remember all those stages.

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We believe in a more A La Carte method of creating your photography package. Every celebration starts with the same base photography commitment from us. From there, you can add whatever you like: a hand made Italian photo album, a beautiful canvas for your living room, thank you cards, etc.

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Our Photographer

It takes a lot of trust to commit the memory of your special day in the hands of a photographer. Although we have a few photographers we regularly work with when we need two photographers, there is one who will always be there.

Joshua Krause - Photographer
Joshua Krause
Lead Photographer & Editor

I Memories

Every moment is special, and every person is unique. My goal is to capture your memory in a way you will cherish for the rest of your days.

My name is Joshua Krause, and I’m the owner and lead photographer for Elegant Exposures Photography.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2001, when I had my first opportunity to capture a magical day for some friends of mine. I never looked back. Working with people to create a memory they will hold onto and share with generations to come.

Photography is my expression. I'm a story teller, and I find it incredible how one image can tell an entire story. A story of love, a story of family, a story of life and a story of death. Every image I capture tells a story, and sometimes it's just for me. Sometimes, a person looking at it will get an entirely different story from the image than what I tried to capture. That's the beauty of the art form, it speaks to everyone differently.

PS: Fun Fact - I have a massive dog (a great dane named Monty) and 2 cats who I'm pretty sure spend their days plotting the end of my dog.

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Photo Albums Hand Made in Italy

Photographs are made to be looked at. Our albums are hand made with the utmost attention to detail. Italy is a country designed around luxury, from cars to wines to photography albums. We design all our own albums in our studio, but we have them made by our excellent partner in Italy, leaving you with something that will last forever. Much better than flipping through photographs on Facebook.

Fun and goofy, or intense and serious. We learn the type of person you are and work with you to make sure we capture your personalities in the photographs of your family.

We typically book 2-3 months in advance for family portraits. If you might be interested in having Elegant Exposures capture your moment, get in touch. No committments, no obligations, just a friendly conversation.

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